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The newest "Deck building RPG" appeared!Build deck, defeat enemies, pick cards, try your skills.Some EVOLUTIONS awaits you.With the force of heroes in cards, you will be a new HERO of new era.- Deck Building dungeon RPG.- In roguelike format, you can experience different adventure every time you play.- Play faster , Defeat more strong difficulty, and aim the top ranking!- There are 300 and more kinds of card what have charming illustrations, and Many Combos.- RankingDdungeon: Reset regulations and dungeon arrangement every week.- Random Dungeon: With completely random initial deck and dungeon arrangement. It is like "draft format".- Master League: Test your skill! Conquest random dungeon and raise your league rank.- More And More difficulty dungeon: test your skill. try deeper.- No limited by stamina, you can play when you want!- You can have friends in game, and gift "Soul".(It bring you more rewards!)
■ Update PlanI plan to update DDD2 in the future.Please check here. ->* Sorry, Official site uses japanese only.